*1 or 2 kg?

A Rule of Thumb or simple calculation method can be used before or in place of a full “energy assessment”. The amount of BioPCM™ required is dependent on building design, orientation & build quality, insulation, air tightness, window size, location and quality and much more. We recommend 1kg to 2kg of product per m3 of space. If you have a top quality, high star rating sustainable design & build, 1kg/m3 may be sufficient. If you have a typical volume builder project with average orientation and standard windows we recommend using 2kg/m3. Most projects will be somewhere in-between (eg. 1.4 kg). We’ll call this number (1kg to 2kg) the performance factor. Keep in mind when selecting your PF number, the more BioPCM™ the better, you can’t have too much.

Following our previous example: 360m3 of space x 1.4 PF = 504kg of product is required.

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